November 15, 2022

This program will be leading a rebellion against the Republican Party if Mitch McConnell or other weak Republicans continue working against Americans’ interests on Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show. McConnell, Governor Chris Christie and President George W. Bush have less power than We The People. It’s our country, not theirs. Senator Josh Hawley suggests that the federal government should be expanded to aid the working class. The Republican establishment is just as hateful of constitutional conservatives as the Democrats and media are. Craig Shirley joins Craig on the show later to talk about how establishment Republicans and Democrats thought Ronald Reagan was too toxic, divisive to win them back in 1980. This is a false statement, and the people made their decision. We learned later from FBI Director Wray’s testimony that confidential FBI informants were embedded in the January 6th protesters. Wray did not answer whether the sources were wearing MAGA clothes disguised as Trump supporters.

Wall St Journal

Open Nafta Borders Why not? (Updated July 2, 2001).


DeSantis Responds To Trump


FBI Director Will Not Answer If FBI Dressed up as Trump Supporters on J6


Dianne feinstein doesn’t seem to be interested in serving as President Pro Tempore for Senate

Red State

Iran’s Parliament Makes Horrific Decision to Execute 15,000 Protestors in a ‘Hard Lesson’

Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP

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