November 16th 2022

What is the most important issue that a Republican Congress should focus on Wednesday’s Mark Levin show? The first action of the Republican was to give 12 votes to Democrats to defeat a filibuster that would have allowed them to codify same-sex marital. They would rather vote against inflation, gas prices and the border than for this. They are led by Mitch McConnell who will disappoint at every turn. The media want a war between Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis. Both of them should be eliminated by the media to make way for a RINO to become president. They should not take the bait. Julie Kelly, American Greatness journalist joins the show later to discuss Christopher Wray’s knowledge of January 6 and the FBO. Kelly’s report on the January 6th Riot has shown that the story doesn’t make sense and that Democrats in the January 6 Committee are trying to sweep it under the carpet. Charles Payne, FOX Business Network’s Making Money host, calls in after Kelly reports on the January 6th riot to discuss the Crypto Currency exchange FTX, which has just gone bankrupt. FTX was fraudulent right from the beginning and bilked the people for billions. FTX’s founder is a major donor to the Democratic Party and has pledged a million dollars to the Democrats if Trump wins in 2024.

Fox News

McConnell wins Senate leadership election, overcomes Scott challenge


Mitch McConnell Wants to Work with Biden


Chuck Schumer demands amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the US


Why did the GOP let Ron DeSantis & Rick Scott Cannibalize The Party’s 2022 Funds in Order to Support Their 2024 Ambitions.

Courier Journal

Wall Street businesses, not Kentuckians are leading Mitch McConnell’s campaign donations (July 17, 2019,

American Greatness

Feds had informants in Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers to J6

Daily Caller

FBI Director Refuses to Answer If Agency Had Sources ‘Dressed as Trump Supporters’ in J6 Riots

What’s the deal with that?

Winter Warning to Biden Administration (New England Energy Shortages in the Future? )


New York Times runs a bizarre softball article on FTX’s Sam Bankman.

Photo by Alex Wong

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