November 2, 2022

As usual, Democrats spread disinformation about violence on Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show and try to blame Republicans. The media remains silent about this. How much are Democrats and the left in the media responsible for spreading violence because they fail to do their jobs objectively. A few days before the midterms, President Biden gives a speech. He didn’t mention inflation and instead he promoted the big lie that Nancy Pelosi’s attack was somehow connected to January 6. Instead of blaming a drug-addicted and mentally ill illegal alien nudist who has a history of leftwing activism, he blamed Nancy Pelosi. Because they can’t run with their record of supporting violent criminals and impoverishing the citizens, the Democrats do this. Tudor Dixon, the Michigan Gubernatorial candidate, calls in later to give a brief update on her campaign trail about her plans to restore education in Michigan as well as return power to the people. After that, Blake Masters, the Arizona US Senate Candidate, joins the show to discuss how media and Democrats work together to achieve their common political goals. Masters claims that the Republican ticket in Arizona has united. Finally, Adam Laxalt, a former Nevada State Attorney General, has a report about his race against Sen. CastroMasto. Laxalt believes that the time of rubber stamps for Schumer, Pelosi and Biden must end.


Montage – The Media’s History Supporting Antifa – An Anti-Free Press, Domestic Terror Group


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Liz Cheney absolutely loves Nancy Pelosi, calling her a ‘tremendous leader with historic consequences’


Jake Tapper will Return to the 4 PM Show after Midterms. CNN to Announce Prime Time Plans “In The Next Days”

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