November 3, 2022

The three most destructive individuals to this country in recent history are President Biden and Hillary Clinton. They hate America, which is why they appear on Thursday’s Mark Levin Show. They hate any system that doesn’t give them power and they work together with their media partners to destroy our republic for the sake of the democracy they so passionately advocate. They call patriots denier but it’s them that deny individual liberty and economic prosperity as well as the nuclear family. While calling you a deplorable racist, semi-fascist threat to society, they also call you a deplorable, racially charged, semi-fascist. CNN was then informed by the DOJ that they may open a special counsel investigation into Donald Trump in the event that he runs for president. When it comes to criminalizing Trump, the heavy-handed politics doesn’t stop. Later Lt. Col Jennifer Ruth Green, combat veteran, pilot and congressional candidate, joins the show for a discussion about her race for Indiana’s 1st district. Green claims that Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, have a clear hatred for America. Too few of them have served in uniform to understand what war means. Green claims that ideology is not appropriate for the classroom. Herschel Walker, a Georgia senator, calls to update us on the progress of his campaign. Walker said that the election is more important than him, but for all Georgians as well as Americans. Walker believes that Washington must be led by people who don’t fear democracy. Democrats and Biden are the greatest threats to the country. Tiffany Smiley, a candidate for the US Senate, checks in with us to share a report from her campaign trail. Once elected to the US Senate, she aims to make crisis into opportunity.

Washington Examiner

San Francisco DA dismisses ‘public interest’ by releasing bodycam footage of Pelosi attack


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Michael Beschloss: GOP Victory in the Midterms Will Mean “Our Children Will Be Arrested, Conceivably Killed”

Right scoop

“It’s almost as roaches voting to Raid” – The View’s Sunny Hostin discusses white women voting Republican


DOJ considering a potential special counsel in case Trump wins in 2024

Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

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