November 4, 2022

The Biden Administration’s sabotage U.S. energy policy was exposed on Friday’s Mark Levin Show. It almost surrendered our national security to foreign enemies. China is opening coal plants while the U.S. is closing them. The U.S. is slowing down fossil fuel production, but our enemies are producing the fuel we need instead of allowing Americans here to make it. De-growth will make it impossible to drive or buy an electric vehicle (which, by necessity, requires fossil fuels for production and charging). Jim Jordan, a congressman from California joins the program to discuss the latest report of his committee on the testimony of FBI whistleblowers. It details how the Biden Administration used big technology companies as a means to control public opinion. Also, how the DOJ was weaponized to pursue political opponents and parents who disagree with the Biden Administration. Jordan claims that all options are available to uncover the truth about these issues. Later, Kevin Kiley, a congressional candidate in California, checks in to update us on his campaign for California’s third district. Lee Zeldin (Congressman and Candidate for Governor of New York) joins us to discuss his final push towards election Day. Zeldin claims that Gov. Joe Biden is not a good choice to bring your campaign closer. Kathy Hochul. Finally, Tim Michels, Wisconsin’s gubernatorial hopeful, calls in to update us on his campaign. Michels believes that massive tax reform is needed in order for the state to give citizens more control over their finances. Michels believes that criminality must be dealt with to restore order.

Fox News

House Republicans release a 1,000-page report alleging that there was politicization at the FBI, DOJ


Media provided 11 times more coverage for the attack on Paul Pelosi that it did for the attempted assassination Kavanaugh

Daily Mail

Horror at the Midterms: Republican candidate’s three-year-old and five-year old daughters are almost killed by gunman who opened fire on North Carolina house

Fox News

House Majority Whip – US on track to repeat Nazi Germany. Downplays inflation ahead midterms.


MSNBC Seeks Weekend Host Tiffany Cross Unexpectedly.

Right scoop

More details about the attack on Paul Pelosi – [UPDATE NBC News removes the video report]


Elliott, a giant hedge fund investor, warns that hyperinflation is coming and could cause a ‘global social collapse’

Washington Free Beacon

No Call for Bibi: Biden has yet to congratulate the newly elected Israeli leader

USA Today

A ‘invisible’ crisis: Many Americans are already behind on their utility bills and face a difficult winter

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