November 9, 2022

Mark Levin’s Wednesday Show featured predictions about a red wave in the midterm elections. This stokes voter apathy and removes urgency. If conservatives vote in masse, we will win. If we don’t, the Democrats will win in masse. Predictions about election results do more harm that good. Republicans who are attacking Ron DeSantis don’t help. Ron DeSantis has made Florida a better place and helped us win a victory we haven’t seen since the reconstruction. Republicans must be the anti-corruption party. They should investigate the Manchurian candidate, Merrick Garland’s laptop and the unsecured border. Later, Democrats will lose their Hispanic base as Democrats treat them like a monolithic group. Most Latino voters are faith-based, hardworking individuals who support the conservative movement. Today is the 84th Anniversary of Kristallnacht, ‘the Night of Broken Glass’. While the media won’t discuss Hitler’s actions against Jews, this program will.


Mission to Save America




Josh Hawley says he won’t support Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader

Mario Tama, photo

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