NYC fatal parking garage collapse: Building was in violation of 4 building codes, but cause is unclear

The cause of a parking garage collapse in Lower Manhattan remains unclear as investigations continue. Reports indicate the building had active violations.

The New York City Street, where a parking structure collapsed and killed one person, while five other people were rescued from the structure a day later, remains closed as investigators are yet to reveal the suspected cause of the building suddenly collapsing in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District.

Kazimir Vilenchik, the acting commissioner of the NYC Department of Buildings, spoke at a press event on Tuesday. He described the drone footage that showed the four-story Ann Street building, located between Nassau Street & William Street: ” the whole way collapsed, the entire way down to the basement floor.”

He admitted that a violation was active on the building since 2003. The commissioner of buildings said that a request was made in 2010, but did not specify whether the violation had been corrected. Vilenchik said that there are permits active on the building. One of them is for electrical work. He promised to provide more information at a later date.

He said that “our engineers are currently on the ground and checking adjacent buildings, and watching footage from drone photos to determine possible reasons for collapse” in order to find out what could be the cause. “We will continue to review and research the property profiles in order to understand the history of a building, its certificate of occupancy and other records, and I will update that information.”


NYC Department of Buildings acting commissioner Kazimir Vilenchik (left), NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell (right), Mayor Eric Adams and others speak to the media following a building collapse in Ann Street.

Records from the NYC Department of Buildings show that parking garage at 57 Ann Street has 19 violations, of which 19 have been corrected or defaulted upon. Four other violations remain open and require a certificate of corrective action. WABC reported the same parking lot, owned by the 57 Ann Street Realty Association in Great Neck, New York had 64 violations at the Department of Buildings, dating back to 1976. Fox News Digital contacted the building department for clarification on Wednesday.

Firefighters respond to a partial collapse in the Financial District, New York on Tuesday, April 18 2023.

FDNY Chief Operations John Esposito said to reporters on the scene that six workers were in the building at the time of the collapse around 4 p.m. The garage was located a few blocks away from City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge and about a half-mile from the New York Stock Exchange.

(Charlie Franklin, via AP)

Four of the four were taken to hospital in stable conditions. One person died and another refused to receive medical treatment. He described how two of the concrete slabs collapsed and crushed some cars inside. This prolonged the operation. FDNY thought everyone was accounted but continued to check if there was anyone inside the cars.

img alt=”FDNY firemen respond to a collapsed parking garage on Ann Street.” src=”″/>

Firefighters from the FDNY respond to an Ann Street parking garage collapse.

Esposito, as well as New York City Mayor Eric Adams , both noted that a robotic dog was sent into the building when firefighters were being pulled out.

“This was a very dangerous operation for our firemen. We were called to investigate a building collapse. Firefighters were searching the building. The building continued to crumble. Esposito stated that we decided to remove our entire staff from the building. “We sent our robot dog inside the building. They were able give us a live video, and we then flew our drones in to conduct an evaluation and conduct searches.”

The photo below, provided by Charlie Franklin, shows a partially collapsed garage in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023.


Esposito said, “The best part is that we can use technology to gather information and conduct reconnaissance without risking the lives of our firefighters and first responders.”

Esposito stated that one worker trapped in the upper floors had enough awareness and alertness to move and call for assistance. He was pulled across the roof by firefighters to another building.

NYPD Keechant Sewell stated that a nearby Pace University Building had been deemed unstable, and was evacuated following the collapse of a parking garage.

WARNING GRAPHIC IMG: FDNY personnel carrying a person away on a stretcher from a collapsed parking garage, Tuesday, 18 April 2023. (AP Photo/Ted Schaffrey).

“At the moment, we do not have any reason to think that it is anything else than a collapse of a structure. Sewell said that the investigation would continue.

Vilenchik said that the building’s certificate of occupancy was issued in 1957 for use as a garage. In 2010, plans for installing an auto lift were submitted. Adams said that the building department would conduct an assessment of the garage to determine whether there were any active violations.

NYPD personnel and FDNY personnel cordon an area near the partially collapsed parking structure in New York City’s Financial District on Tuesday, April 18 2023. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey).

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All of that will be included in our review. There were no 311 complaints filed on the building. As the acting DOB commissioner indicated, the exact facts of what happened will always be considered in the review, even if the building had no violations.

Fox News Digital contacted the NYC Medical Examiner’s Officer Wednesday to find out the identity of the dead.

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