NYC girl, 12 years old, dragged in brazen necklace robbery: Suspects on an e-bike called ‘worst humans alive’

A New York City girl said she's scared to walk outside after being robbed and dragged on an e-bike by two suspects, police said

A 12-year-old New York City girl was hurt when two men on an ebike took her necklace while she was walking home from school. She said that she is now afraid to venture outside for weeks.

Julie Valria was attacked in Elmhurst (Queens) on Oct. 24, when she was accompanied by two suspects. The suspects were seen riding behind Julie Valria as she walks along a sidewalk, according to surveillance footage.


Surveillance shows that two New York City thieves tried to take a necklace from the neck of a 12-year old girl. Police said that the men were suspected of six other robberies. (NYPD)

The man on the back attempts to remove the necklace from Valeria’s neck but it won’t come off. The robbery is carried out in broad daylight and the girl is dragged 10 ft.

It happened quickly. “I didn’t feel the drag,” Valeria said to reporters Monday, Fox New York reported. “I did not feel the drag. “I only cared about my necklace.”

The suspect then jumps off the ebike and grabs the jewelry from her while she’s lying on the ground. The men fled immediately. Valeria stated that the necklace was a religious item with sentimental value.

Valeria’s mother said to the news outlet that Valeria is afraid of leaving her daughter home on her own.

According to police, these two men are wanted for their involvement in seven New York City robberies. (NYPD)

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Valeria stated, “It’s frightening to go out onto the streets most of time.” They are the most horrible human beings on earth.

Her neck was left with a bruise. Police said that the robbery duo was involved in six other robberies.

Fox News’ Rebecca Rosenberg contributed his report.

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