NYC man accused of killing 2 in a shooting spree was a ‘well-known gang member’, according to police. He was arrested 12 times.

The NYPD said Tuesday a man arrested in connection with a violent shooting spree is a "well-known" gang member and has been arrested 12 times since 2010.

Police said Tuesday that a New York City man was arrested in connection with a shooting spree which left two people dead and one injured. The suspect is a well-known gang member, who has been arrested at most 12 times in the last decade.

Sundance Oliver (28), was taken into custody Tuesday morning following a 24-hour violent rampage that included the murdersof a 17-year old girl in a Crown Heights apartment, and a 21 year-old man in Lower Manhattan. Oliver is also charged with the shooting non-fatal of a 96 year-old man who was struck by gunfire in a robbery attempt.

Sundance Oliver’s mugshot. (NYPD )

The violence took place in three boroughs: Manhattan , Brooklyn, and the Bronx. This prompted a huge manhunt for the suspect.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon James Essig, Chief of Detectives at NYPD, stated that Oliver is a well-known gang member with a lengthy rap sheet.

Oliver and four others were involved in an armed burglary on the afternoon of November 21, 2022. Essig stated that the suspects attacked a man and took $4,450 worth of U.S. currency. Oliver was identified by police in the Nov. 21 robbery that took place on Dec. 3, 2022.


Police arrested Brandon Hampton, a man who allegedly fired shots from a moving vehicle, and charged him with reckless endangerment. Essig stated that investigators believe Oliver was in the vehicle with Hampton.

Essig stated that Oliver and his girlfriend got into an argument on Saturday, December 3. He punched his girlfriend in the face, inflicting injuries.

Oliver opened fire on a victim at 444 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn the next day. Essig stated that the victim ran into the Bodega, where Oliver fired two shots. Oliver allegedly then stole $3,560 from the counter before fleeing the scene. Essig stated that police recovered two 9mm shell casings from the scene.

Police meet with the victim of attempted robbery at the scene. A 96-year old man was riding in a wheelchair to the hospital after being shot in the right foot on Monday, Dec. 5, 2022. (Theodore Parisienne)

Essig stated that Oliver approached Hampton’s girlfriend around 9:30 AM on Monday and demanded $50. Oliver opened fire and the female fled. Essig said Oliver accidentally shot a 96-year old man in the leg. One 9mm shell casing was recovered by police.

A 20-year old man was killed and shot later that day in an apartment at Smith’s public housing development at 15 St. James Place. Essig stated that Oliver was the perpetrator after witnesses told him so. On the scene, seven 9mm shell casings had been found.

A 17-year-old girl was killed and her body was found at 719 Kingsborough 7 Walk just after midnight. Essig stated that Oliver was identified by witnesses. Two 9mm shell casings were recovered by police at the scene.


Essig stated that both victims of homicide were known to the suspect but that the motive behind their deaths is still unknown.

Essig stated that Oliver has been arrested 12 times and is well-known to law enforcement as a member a robbery group operating in and around Kingsborough Housing Development.

Oliver was charged with possessing a loaded firearm in 2020. Oliver was charged with attempted murder and menacing for a robbery during which he fired 2 shots. He was sentenced for six years and five years after release.

After being shot in the right foot on Monday, Dec. 5, 2022 at Bergen Street and Rochester Avenue in Brooklyn, a 96-year old man in a motorized chair was taken to the hospital. (Theodore Parisienne)

He was charged with aggravated harassment and resisting arrest, as well as unauthorized use of motor vehicles. Oliver was also arrested in 2012 for criminal possession. He was also charged with gang assault in 2010.

Essig stated that Oliver was taken into custody on Tuesday. He became violent and agitated and damaged property after his arrest. He was subdued by Emergency Service Unit personnel and is currently at Kings County Hospital for evaluation.

Oliver is facing three counts of second-degree robbery – one each for the Nov. 21-2022 robbery and one for Dec. 4 Bodega robbery. The third for the Dec. 5 female robbery. Oliver is also facing an attempted murder charge in connection to the shooting of the leg by a 96-year old.

Essig stated that additional charges could be filed as investigators continue to investigate the case. Oliver did not immediately disclose if he had retained an attorney to speak for him.


Fox News Digital reached out to Alvin Bragg, District Attorney, for comment.

This report was contributed by Danielle Wallace, Fox News.

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