NYC woman sentenced for 21 years after trying to poison her lookalike using a cheesecake

A New York City woman convicted of trying to kill a friend with a sedative-laced cheesecake in an identity theft plot was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

The Queens District Attorney’s Office announced that a New York City woman who was convicted of attempting to kill a friend with a cheesecake laced with sedatives, received a 21-year prison sentence in connection to the identity theft scheme.

Viktoria Nayrova (47), of Brooklyn, was convicted in February by a jury of attempted murder, attempted poisoning, and other charges.

Officials said Nasyrova had laced her cheesecake with an sedative, a toxin that is only found in Russia. This is where she comes from.

According to the district prosecutor’s office, the chemical found was phenazepam benzodiazepine, developed by the Soviet Union.

The victim was rescued. Her Ukrainian passport and approximately $4,000 in cash was stolen.

Feb. 11, 202302:17

Nasyrova’s physical resemblance to the victim was so striking that prosecutors claimed Nasyrova had poisoned the woman in order to steal her identity.

The district attorney’s said Nasyrova didn’t want to be sent back to Russia where she was wanted for a murder in 2014. Nasyrova denied this in an CBS News interview.

Nasyrova has been convicted for attempted second-degree murder, attempted first-degree assault and assault in the second degree, as well as first-degree illegal imprisonment, petit larceny, and second-degree assault.

She faced a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Jose Nieves said that they would appeal both the conviction and sentence. He stated that he believed the sentence to be excessive, and that the appeal would focus on the evidence and other legal questions.

Nieves stated that “had the jury been permitted to view or listen to certain evidence, we may have had a completely different outcome.”

He stated that Nasyrova was a Russian citizen and that she would be most likely deported after her prison sentence.

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