October 20, 2022

gas pump prices i did that - Joe Biden

The Mark Levin Show on Thursday revealed that Democrats have lost more than 1000 seats in the elected office during President Barack Obama’s term in office. Either Obama’s election campaign for Democrats will not alter the course of this election. This program focuses on the election denial displayed in large numbers of Democrats regarding the election of any Republican president over the past 20 years. Later, President Biden (and Democrats) have weakened our country internally by weakening the military. China’s army has twice the size but is lacking combat experience. It’s much easier to have an abortion after that than it is to buy baby formula. Stacy Abrams claims that high gas prices are due to the fact that children are responsible for the rise in inflation and that abortion is the solution. Frank Pallotta, a New Jersey Republican Candidate, joins the program to discuss his campaign against Rep. Josh Gottheimer. Pallotta pointed out that his opponent in the district says one thing and votes in opposition to Washington, DC.

Daily Wire

How many seats did the Democrats lose under Obama? More than a THOUSAND. (December 2016)

Wall St Journal

China’s Military is catching up to the U.S. Are They Ready for Battle?

Wall St Journal

The Pentagon’s Recruiting Woes


RCP Genric Ballot Polling Average

Photo by Jim Vondruska

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