October 24, 2022

Monday’s Mark Levin show revealed that the great divide people keep talking about is between liberty and tyranny, between law and order. We are on the right side in history. The Democrat party is a hateful party that hates the Constitution and its founding. They embrace chaos and want to push their ‘progressive” agenda. It promotes the idea that the economy exists to benefit the government, which is a bastard child Marxism. Don’t be misled by President Biden and Democrats blaming the Republicans and big-oil for the huge price rises resulting from energy shortages at the end November. This is because Biden’s policies slowed down domestic energy expansion. US Senator Mike Lee, a US senator, calls to discuss how Democrats have created a pseudo-independent in order to fool Republicans who are not loyal to Trump and other Republicans into believing they won’t do as radical as Democrats. Lee said that Democrats want Washington to be dominated by the liberals. After that, Herschel Walker, the US Senate candidate, joins the show to give an update on his campaign. Walker called out Senator Raphael Warnock, a Marxist who evicted people from property owned by his church.

PJ Media

Biden’s Next Crisis is Home Heating Oil Rationing in Northeast. It’s not even winter yet

Daily Wire

Rubio Campaign Canvasser Injured in Violent Attack for Wearing Rubio Shirt, DeSantis Hat, Campaign Says

Daily Wire

Dem Congresswoman and Senator of the GOP Support One Another in Alaska

Political Wire

Murkowski endorses Peltola for House Seat

Washington Times

Liz Cheney foresees a rise of a ‘new conservative party’ and declares that Republicans are’more dangerous than Dems

Photo by Joe Sohm/Visions of America

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