October 25, 2022

The Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pulled funding from conservative Republican candidates he didn’t like on Tuesday’s Mark Levin show. If they win, they may not vote for him to be their leader. After Democrats endorsed RINO Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, McConnell was censured in Alaska by the Republican Party. McConnell hates the Republican Party’s conservative base and supported Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan. The federal reserve was not intended to be a drug dealer for Washington’s drug addicts. Their drug of choice is tax dollars. Jim Shultz (candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota) calls later to discuss how close he is to Keith Ellison. Shultz spoke out about how Minnesota Democrats are pro-violent crime. Rep Ted Budd, a North Carolina Republican, joins the program to talk about his race for the US Senate. Budd claims that the race for the US Senate is tight and that they won’t be slowing down. Budd claims that the Republican Party and State Committee have helped to knock on doors and make calls in order to win this race.


Alaska GOP Denies Mitch McConnell Supporting an Incumbent GOP Senator Over Trump – Backed Candidate


Many Americans fall behind in retirement savings

Yahoo Finance

Fed is losing Billions and wiping out profits that funded spending


“I Ain’t Going to Do It”: Biden Declares That Any Republican Cuts To Medicare and Social Security will Be Dead upon Arrival

Photo by Anna Moneymaker

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