October 28th 2022

Speaker Pelosi’s husband was beaten with a hammer on Friday’s Mark Levin show. His skull was also fractured. After being attacked for being a Republican, this attack follows on the attack on Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign volunteer. He now requires facial reconstruction surgery. Democrats called for defunding the police. It was Speaker Pelosi who called federal law enforcement “stormtroopers” during the 2020 BLM riots. Paul Pelosi was saved by the police. Sunny Hostin, The View’s Sunny Hostin, downplayed the attack against Congressman Lee Zeldin. Next, the DOJ will deploy agents to investigate allegations of voter intimidation and chill voting at Republican polling places. All this is due to Donald Trump’s ability to make more inroads in all demographics with the Democrat base than any Republican president before him. It’s not about race for Democrats, but about how they use race. MSNBC’s pundits are openly anti-White racists but won’t face White executives at their media company. Why are they there? MSNBC does not offer any service to the United States. Afterward, US Senate candidate, Gen. Don Bolduc (Ret. He joins the program to discuss why he is New Hampshire’s best candidate. New England’s access has been hampered by Sen. Maggie Hassan’s support for radical climate policies. Last but not least, Sen. Ron Johnson calls to update us on his campaign against Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes. Johnson pointed out that Barnes is a radical leftist who is against law enforcement. Johnson was targeted by the left because he took on the Biden Administration head on.

Fox News

Paul Pelosi sustained a skull fracture after a hammer-wielding gang broke into his home

Fox News

Watchdog warns that DOJ’s election plans raises the threat of’selective enforce’ against red states.



Washington Free Beacon

A DOJ Official hyped the Jussie Smollett hoax. Now, she’s holding a seminar on identifying hate crimes.

Photo by Tayfun Koskun/Anadolu Agency

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