OFF TARGET – Missiles fired into Poland actually came from Ukrainian Forces, according to Report

Initial reports by The Associated Press stated that a Russian missile had entered Poland and killed two Polish citizens. It appears that the missile could have been Ukrainian-made.

From The Daily Wire

After a senior U.S. official informed the publication that Russia had fired the missiles, the Associated Press reported the strike on Tuesday morning.

Biden stated that there was preliminary evidence that the missile was fired from Russia. He later spoke to reporters overseas, when asked about whether it had been fired from Russia. It is highly unlikely that the missile was fired from Russia. But we’ll find out.

It appears that the missile, claimed by Poland to be Russian-made, was fired by Ukrainian forces at a Russian ballistic missile. The missile missed and traveled through the air until it was detonated at the farm. Initial assessments suggest , according the AP.

As soon as the AP report was published, the Russian government immediately denied that the missile had been fired.

Russia’s Defense Ministry stated that “no strikes on targets close to the Ukrainian-Polish border were made using Russian means of destruction.” “Deliberate provocation(s),” the ministry said, referring to reports that were intended to escalate the situation.

Biden stated, “I’m going make sure that we find out exactly how it happened.” “And then, we’ll collectively decide our next steps as we investigate.”

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