Officials in Texas report that 3 children were found dead and 2 others injured at their Texas home.

Three children are dead and two others injured in an incident reported Friday in Italy, Texas, a small city south of Dallas, authorities said.

Authorities said that three children were killed and two more were injured in an incident that occurred Friday in Italy (Texas), a small town south of Dallas.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown. At an evening news conference, Ellis County Sheriff’s Office deputy Jerry Cozby stated that a suspect had been detained. The identity of the suspect is not known.

He stated, “We believe there is no danger for the public at the moment.”

Authorities investigate the scene where three children were found dead and two others injured inside a home in the Ellis County city of Italy, Texas, on Friday.


The sheriff’s office described the incident as an “isolated event” in an earlier statement.

The deputy stated that Sheriff’s investigators were summoned to investigate a house in a residential area, which also contains an elementary school and a Catholic Church, at 4 p.m.

Texas and Italy police officers were present at the scene. They asked the sheriff’s for assistance in a death investigation.

Cozby stated that there were multiple victims when they arrived. The home contained three deceased victims. All of the victims were children. Two children were taken by ambulance to the local hospital.

Public release of the identities and conditions of the children who were injured or died has not been made.

Cozby stated that it was a fluid investigation and no further details were released.

It has approximately 2,300 inhabitants and is located 44 miles from Dallas.

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