Ohio K9 Officer indicted for shooting a man in bed as he served a warrant

Former Columbus, Ohio, police officer Ricky Anderson has been charged with reckless homicide for the shooting death of 20-year-old Donovan Lewis.

In Ohio, a former K-9 police officer was indicted for murder in the death of an African-American man. The victim was lying in bed on his bed at the time he was killed by police who were trying to serve a search warrant.

A county grand jury also charged Ricky Anderson, a former Columbus police officer, with reckless homicide in the death of Donovan Lewis last year.

Rex Elliott, the attorney who represents Lewis’ family, stated at a press conference on Friday that Anderson has received more than 60 complaints for excessive force in his 30 years of service with the Columbus Police Department.


Elliott stated that “he never should have had the opportunity in the first place to take the life of a young person like he did Aug. 30, 2022.”

Elliott questioned also why it took almost a year for Anderson to be charged, as he is white. The bodycam footage seems to show that Lewis was shot within seconds of Anderson opening a door into the bedroom.

Officer Ricky Anderson violated the law by shooting and killing an unarmed Donovan Lewis in his bed. CPD (Columbus Police Department), bodycam video clearly showed this and nothing has changed for almost a full year,” Elliott stated separately in a separate statement.

Elliott had asked earlier why the city hadn’t addressed the larger issue of white police officers killing Black citizens. The U.S. The U.S.

(AP photo/Patrick Orsagos).

Mark C. Collins said that the grand jury was not able to get the whole picture, and only had a “dog-and pony show” controlled by special prosecutors.

This case isn’t about whether Ricky Anderson used deadly force. It’s about why he did. The evidence will be revealed as we move forward in the litigation,” Collins said in a Friday statement.

He didn’t immediately return an e-mail asking about the allegations of excessive force.

Elliott had earlier criticised the speed at which the shooting occurred and the suggestion by the police chief, that Lewis had something on his hand when he shot. There was no weapon found.

Elliott stated that there was no way, in the timeframe, between the opening of the door and the firing of the weapon, that Officer Anderson saw a gun in his hands, got to his brain and then reacted with his gun.


Columbus police report that officers went to the apartment at 2 am to arrest Lewis for several warrants, including domestic violence and assault. Two other men were taken into custody by police without incident. During the search, a police dog was released in the apartment.

Lewis’ mother said that the charges brought her both joy and sadness. She added that it has been a tough year.

Rebecca Duran stated, “I’m going be grieving for the rest my life that he shouldn’t be here.”


A lawsuit is pending for the family against Anderson and other police officers.

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