Oklahoma City police captain requests officer to turn off the camera after being stopped for drunk driving. Video shows

Body camera video depicts a captain with the Oklahoma City Police Department repeatedly asking a fellow officer to turn off his camera after he was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving.

A body camera video shows a captain from the Oklahoma City Police Department asking another officer to turn off his camera when he is stopped for drunk driving.

After Sgt. According to video footage, Chris Skinner claimed that he witnessed French driving in an SUV and turning without signal.

Skinner stops French when the captain pulls into a driveway. The video shows French getting out of the car with his hands up in the air. Skinner orders French to get back in the car.

“I’m …” French starts to say.

“Drunk?” Skinner questions.

“No. French replies, “No.

French climbs back into his SUV to tell Skinner that he’s with the police department of the city. Skinner hears him whisper to French: “Turn off your camera.”

Skinner refuses to grant French permission and asks French to get out of the car.

French claims that he was playing poker and had three to four beers. Skinner asks French whether he believes he should have driven.

The captain replies, “No, but I’m from four blocks.”

Skinner tells French to lift one foot and count to the end. French loses balance and asks Skinner to turn on his camera again.

“I can’t sir. I’m aware that you are aware of our body cam policy. The officer states, “You know that I cannot turn off my body camera.” “I have taken an Oath to uphold this law. I do not favoritise anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a gangbanger, or President of the United States.

After repeatedly losing his balance, French is finally placed in handcuffs

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, French has been with them for 32 year. A spokesperson for the department said that they will launch an investigation into French’s criminal activities and then conduct an administrative investigation.

CORRECTION (March 17, 20,23, 6:22 pm. ET: An earlier headline in this article misidentified the rank of the Oklahoma City police officer seen in the video. He is not the chief, but a police captain.

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