Oklahoma man accused of biting woman’s chin off while wanted on separate warrant

An Oklahoma man is accused of biting off a woman's chin while he was wanted on a bench warrant, according to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

An Oklahoma man has been accused of slicing off the chin of a woman while he had a warrant out for his arrest.

Officials have charged DeWaunte Leemont Nunley with domestic abuse through strangulation.

Nunley failed to appear in court and a warrant for his arrest was issued, said the Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office claims that the man has “a long criminal history.”

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DeWaunte Leemont Nunley faces charges of domestic violence by strangulation in the incident.

Joe Hagar, a deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, tracked Nunley down to a camp for homeless people where he was quickly arrested.

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In 2021, Nunley pleaded guilty to charges including domestic violence& strangulation and maiming. Court records confirm this. The bench warrant issued against Nunley was due to his failure to attend three domestic violence hearings.

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