Oklahoma man accused of killing and dismembering four men who were found in a river

An Oklahoma man was charged in the shooting and dismembering of four men found in a river. The suspect told a woman that he killed the men because they were stealing from him.

Four counts of first-degree murder were filed Monday against an Oklahoma man who was accused of killing four men in eastern Oklahoma.

At a news conference, Okmulgee County District attorney Carol Iski announced that Joseph Kennedy, 67 was facing charges.

Mark Chastain (32), Billy Chastain (30), Mike Sparks (32) and Alex Stevens (29) were dismembered and found in Okmulgee’s Deep Fork River on Oct. 14. This town is approximately 11,000 residents, 40 miles south from Tulsa. They were believed to have been riding bicycles from Okmulgee when they left their house on Oct. 9.

Iski claimed that video taken from a nearby company shows Kennedy at his Okmulgee Scrap Yard on the night authorities believe they were killed and shot. Investigators found blood, personal items and even a set of broken dentures in a field close to the scrapyard.


Iski stated that evidence from Kennedy’s cell phone also placed him near the bridge where the men were dismembered.

Iski claimed that DNA evidence found in Kennedy’s vehicle and on his sneakers links him to the crime.

A man from Oklahoma was arrested for the murder and dismemberment of four men who were found in a river. A woman was told by the suspect that he shot and dismembered the four men because they stole from him.

According to court documents, Kennedy said that he killed and dismembered four men in Gore, Oklahoma because they were taking from him.

Iski stated that he told Iski that they were all against him and that he lost it and just started shooting. She said that he had told her after he shot them that he would cut them up.

Iski stated that she has not yet made a decision about whether or not to seek the death penalty.


Kennedy’s court-appointed lawyers declined to comment.

Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice stated that Kennedy was taken into custody Oct. 17 at Daytona Beach Shores in Florida while driving a stolen car. Later, he was extradited from Oklahoma.

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