Oklahoma man suffers bee attack lasting hours, with hundreds of stingers on his body

An Oklahoma man said he was the victim of an hourslong bee attack last Friday, leaving him with a broken hip and over 200 stingers in his body.

A man from Oklahoma said that he had been the victim of a bee attack lasting for several hours last Friday. He suffered a broken hip, and more than 200 stingers on his body.

Carl Amos was mowing the lawn in Maysville, when his family reported that he had been attacked and swarmed by what looked like “killer bees,” a subspecies aggressively known as Africanized Bees.

Amos told NBC News affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City that the bees were in his hair, ears and nose. He said he thought he should keep his mouth shut to avoid them getting into his mouth.

He told the outlet that he had “hit some of them with my hand”. “You can’t kill them fast enough.”

Amos fell when he tried to escape the bees. He injured his leg. “I heard my leg pop and I knew this was not good,” Amos told KFOR.

He claimed that the bees continued stinging him for almost three hours as he lay down on the ground.

Carl Amos. Courtesy Heather Garvey

Amos was discovered by a man working at a nearby business. He called an ambulance. He told KFOR, “I feel as if I owe his life.”

Heather Garvey, Amos’ daughter, posted a GoFundMe statement in which staff started to remove bee stingers.

Garvey stated that the hospital had removed more than 200 stingers. They are still removing stingers three days after their removal.

Garvey wrote: “After all of this, he’s in good spirits. But it will be a difficult road to recovery.”

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