Old Mar-Algo Man Yells at Cloud



DeSantis should be quiet and allow this man-child to destroy himself. Trump’s worst trait is an inverted proportion between maturity and ego. Or ego and tact. Or courage and ego. Or ego, and all the good qualities you would expect from a man of stature.

This is why many people, even those who aren’t liberal or Never Trumpers, can’t bear to vote for Trump. Although this is not new news, Trump’s bitter attacks on DeSantis (a proven winner who can govern, and can govern without the silly drama) are a reminder of how insane he is. Yet, if he is the nominee in 2024, I will likely vote for him in the same manner I would vote in Georgia for unfit Herschel. Some of the Democrats’ beliefs are simply evil. Not only are they wrong, but they are also evil. Even someone as degenerate and careless as Donald Trump can be just as harmful to America as the baby-aborters and race-dividers.

But I hope that I won’t have to again. I hope that I won’t have to stick on my car the bumper sticker “Vote for the Douchebag, it’s important”. I am 55 years old and the first time I voted in a presidential election was 1988. I was a lib at the time and voted Dukakis. He was the first and last Democratic candidate I voted for. Wendell Berry was my 2008 write-in. Since then, except for Pat Buchanan, all the Republicans I voted in a presidential election have received my vote. He wasn’t a Democrat. It seems to me that Ron DeSantis 2024 would have been the first Republican presidential candidate that I voted positively for. This is because I liked him and not because he was a Dem.

I have been wondering how DeSantis will get past Trump in primaries. Now, I think Trump will solve the problem by becoming a maniac in his fury.

You might not get the joke if you aren’t a Simpsons fan since way back. Here’s how it came about:

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