One person is hospitalized after a shooting at a Louisville mall

A person was sent to the hospital with a bullet wound after a shooting broke out at a Louisville, Kentucky, mall. The shooting was isolated to two groups that had an altercation.

According to the local police, one person is hospitalized after a shooting in a Louisville shopping mall.

The Associated Press reported that at least one gunshot was fired inside the Mall St. Matthews Wednesday during an “altercation,” between two groups, which left one person with a gunshot injury to his arm. St. Matthews police chief Barry Wilkerson confirmed this.

The police believe that there is no danger to the general public. Wilkerson stated that the incident took place around 3:45 pm and was isolated to two groups.


In Louisville, Kentucky, a mall shooting that was isolated to two groups who had an altercation has sent a person to the hospital.

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Wilkerson said that everyone involved, including the victim of the bullet, fled the scene. WAVE 3 News reported the injured person had been taken to University of Louisville Hospital.

Wilkerson stated that police are reviewing surveillance footage from nearby stores as part of a continuing investigation. A suspect has not been arrested.

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