OPEN DOOR ‘PAUL’ICY: New NBC Report Shares Details With Retracted Story, Pelosi Opened Door for Cops

The New NBC Bay Area Report on the Paul Pelosi Attack shares many similarities to the previously retracted NBC News report. This resulted in Miguel Almaguer being suspended. The shocking news: Pelosi may have not been in immediate danger, and even allowed police officers to enter the room.

From Fox News

Miguel Almaguer, NBC News national correspondent, reported that the police did not know they were responding at the Pelosi residence. Pelosi opened the doors for police, but didn’t try to escape or declare an immediate emergency. He even walked away and towards his attacker.

Later in the day, Almaguer’s report was removed from all NBC News platforms. It was removed from social media and NBC News posted an editor’s note to its website stating that Almaguer’s report did not conform to NBC News reporting standards.

However, a similar story by NBC’s local reporter was not retracted. remained online on Wednesday morning.

One week after Almaguer reported was mysteriously retracted without any public details, NBC’s San Francisco local affiliate KNTV aired an explosive report containing highly similar details. It indicated that Pelosi had opened the door to police and didn’t attempt to flee.

Anchor Jessica Aguirre explained to viewers that the NBC Bay Area investigative group “looked into the reason state and federal prosecutors describe one specific detail of a police response differently,” before handing it over to Bigad Shaban.

This all stems from the seconds, if not minutes, that passed before Paul Pelosi was hit in the head with a stick inside his San Francisco house. Shaban explained to viewers that there are still contradicting accounts about a simple question. “Who was the first to open the door when the San Francisco police arrived at the Pelosi home that night?”

Shaban stated that the federal indictment indicated “two officers” opened it, but the San Francisco district attorney’s office had previously stated “Mr. Pelosi opened the doors with his left hand.

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