OPT OUT: Stacey Abrams Asked About Police Support, Says Not The woman Plan to ‘List Every Person’

Stacey has problems with law enforcement, mainly because they don’t support her candidacy to be Governor of Georgia. This could be due to the fact that she is involved in the defunding of the police movement and funds private security.

Here she is, in Georgia, on the debate stage, claiming that she has lots law enforcement support. She might have forgotten that over 100 Georgia sheriffs rejected her candidacy.

Fox News:

Stacey Abrams, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial Candidat for the Peach State, was reprimanded by over 100 sheriffs because of her connections to a foundation that supports both defunding law enforcement and her soft-on-crime policies.

In a Monday press release, Republican Governor Brian Kemp joined 102 Georgia sheriffs in blasting Abrams for her ties with the Marguerite Casey Foundation.

Marguerite Casey Foundation, a Seattle-based grantmaking organization, has called for the abolishment of police. Abrams supported an expanded antipolice initiative of the group soon after joining its board.

You can watch the video above. Stacey is friends with cops, she really is. It’s not a secret.

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