OVER AND ABOVE THUNDERDOME: Watch ATV, Dirt-Bike Riders Swarm Cops, Chuck Bricks and Bottles

It’s like Mad Max.

Fox News reports that ATV and dirt-bike riders attacked Philadelphia police officers throwing bricks and bottles. This happened after a Republican councilman had accused Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration of telling officers “not enforce the law.”

According to police, the dirt-bike rider crashed into the gas pumps before running off. Fox reports that investigators later discovered the bike was reported stolen from New Jersey.

Things got worse.

Philadelphia police stated that the crowd started to throw bricks, bottles, and other objects at officers as they tried to seize the stolen dirt bike. “One marked police vehicle was repeatedly kicked and its windshield was broken with brick by the group before they fled the area.”

See the video above.

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One day earlier, David Oh, Philadelphia City Councilman-at-large, responded to another video showing hordes dirt-bike and ATV riders.

He wrote, “This must stop.”

Oh also stated that the Mayor’s Administration has instructed police not to enforce the law.

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