PEACH OUT OF REACH: Georgia Senate Selection Moves to Runoff As Jogger, Warnock Fail to Hit fifty percent

It is official: There will be a runoff election for December.

In a Georgia senate contest on Tuesday, neither GOP candidate Herschel Wade nor Dem incumbent Raphael Warnock received the required 50% vote. The two will now face off in a runoff election in December.

The Daily Wire reports that the projection was made byDecision DeskHQ at 11:42 AM EST. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s secretary of state, stated that the runoff election would take place on December 6.

From The Daily Wire

Warnock, the 53 year-old reverend hailing from Atlanta, Georgia was elected to the Senate in 2021. He defeated GOP candidate Kelly Loeffler during a run-off election. Loeffler, who had replaced Johnny Isakson, was appointed to serve until an electoral election.

Walker, a relative newcomer to politics, spent much of his campaign tying Warnock with President Joe Biden. He painted the Democrat, a divisive, outof-touch progressive.

Walker stated in one ad that Senator Warnock believes America to be a racist country. “I believe that we are a great nation full of generous people. Warnock wants us to be divided. “I want to bring you together.”

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