PEACHY KEEN: New Poll {Displays|Exhibits|Indicates|Demonstrates|Reveals} Surging Support for {Master|Jogger|Runner}, Kemp in Georgia

Good news for the GOP in Georgia.

According to a newly-released Trafalgar-Daily Wire Poll, Georgia’s GOP Governor Brian Kemp has a 7-point lead in his rematch against Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams. In the Senate match-up between GOP candidate Herschel Walker and Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, Walker is surging and now holds a 2-point lead over Warnock.

“When we, Insider Advantage, and Emerson polled Walker just after all the personal allegations had come out, but before the debate, Walker had only fallen behind by an average of 2.3%,” Trafalgar Group founder Robert Cahaly said. “After Herschel’s strong debate performance a well-known group, Landmark released a poll having the race tied. Now we have Walker leading by 2.4%.”

From The Daily Wire:

As recently as late September, some polls had Warnock up by as many as 12 points. Walker closed to within 3 points by the start of October, and kept building momentum. One key is Walker’s performance with black and Hispanic voter, which is extremely strong for a Republican. The political neophyte is getting 23.5% of the black vote and almost 40% of the Hispanic vote. Given his 88% performance with Republicans, he could be building an insurmountable lead.

Kemp’s 92% support from Republicans would seem to put to rest any concerns that his clashes with former President Trump has cost him support within the party. In 2018, Kemp bested Abrams by a count of 50.2% to 48.8%, although the Democrat complained for several years that the election was “stolen” from her through voter suppression.

Candidates in both the Senate and gubernatorial races must top 50% on Nov. 8 to avoid a runoff against their closest challenger, Cahaly noted. He said Kemp seems to be on pace to sew up another term on Election Day, but Walker may not.

More over at The Daily Wire:

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