Pelosi: Trump doesn’t have the’manhood’ to testify in right after

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, blasted Donald Trump on Sunday’s airwaves by saying that she didn’t believe he would testify before the committee investigating the Jan. 6, insurrection.

Pelosi (D.Calif.), said that he doesn’t believe he’s strong enough to appear on MSNBC’s Sunday Show host Jonathan Capehart.

She suggested that Trump’s lawyers may not want him to appear, as he would be subject to oaths and possibly a penalty for perjury.

After months of investigation and a series of hearings, the committee issued Trump a subpoena on Friday. The move is symbolic as Trump is unlikely to be forced to testify by the committee before it dissolves at year’s end.

Pelosi stated that Trump should not testify if he refuses to do so.

“No one is above law.” She said that if we believe that, they should then make a decision about his response to that request.

This month’s footage of January 6, 2021 showed Pelosi saying twice during the attack on Capitol that she would punch the former President if he visited the building.

“I want him to be punched out. Pelosi stated that she was going to jail and would be happy. This is just one of many times in which she has expressed disdain for Trump.

Jan. 6: The select committee maintained that Trump was a “central player” in the attack on Capitol Hill and in attempting to reverse the 2020 election results.

Pelosi addressed the economy in interviews on Sunday, just two weeks before the midterm elections. Recent polls show that this is a major issue for voters.

She stated that Republicans don’t have a solution for inflation. She also stated that she disagrees with the notion that voters don’t trust Democrats in the economy.

Pelosi stated that Americans need to understand the difference between inflation and global issues and the cost-of-living. She maintained that Biden had made progress in lowering prescription drug prices as well as decreasing unemployment.

After the increase in prices over the summer, Republicans are now back on top of recent midterm polls. In midterm elections, the president’s party usually loses congressional seats.

Pelosi stated earlier that she doesn’t regret the congressional pandemic relief spending, which may have contributed towards inflation, on CBS’s Face the Nation.

“This was essential for survival. … It’s inflationary when you lower unemployment. Pelosi stated that this is a fact.

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