Pennsylvania man attacked after walking into garage by bear

A Pennsylvania man was attacked and injured after walking into his garage and encountering a bear that had made its way onto his property, video shows.

A Pennsylvanian counts his blessings following a bear attack on his home.

Lori Swartz, the husband’s wife, shared a video of their encounter on Facebook .

Two cats are watching as a medium-sized black bear walks onto a couple’s property near Danville, Pennsylvania. The bear then disappears into the garage.

A bear wanders on to the property of a couple in Pennsylvania. (Facebook/Lori N John Swartz)

John Swartz, who appears moments later on screen, walks into the garage without knowing what he will find. In less than 10 seconds, the cats are startled and jump from their chairs by a loud noise.

Swartz stutters out the garage entrance, holding his head while he desperately tries to get back into the home.

After a few seconds, the bear emerges from the garage. It then wanders off to the property of the couple.

Swartz later said to FOX 56 that the encounter with the bear was so rapid, he could only assess what happened after it had left.


“My head hurt, and it knocked against the wall. Little did we know what happened until we saw the video. I didn’t realise I fell over the grizzly bear, and I continued down the street holding my head, and then continued into the home to retrieve a washing cloth,” Swartz said to the outlet. “I was bleeding and had some injuries.”

Swartz was transported to Geisinger Medical Center, where he received treatment for bite marks as well as a tetanus injection.

According to Fox News Digital, the Pennsylvania Game Commission sent its troopers to help the couple at their home. The agency has installed a trap in order to catch the bear.

Danville, Pennsylvania is situated in central Pennsylvania about 65 miles north-east of Harrisburg.


On Monday, a similar incident occurred in Idaho. A black bear with a cub assaulted a man when he opened the garage door. The injured man called wildlife authorities who killed the bear with its cub for public safety.

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