Pennsylvania Republicans support impeachment of Philadelphia DA due to the city’s criminal woes

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are trying to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner over the city's crime wave.

Republican legislators in Pennsylvania voted Tuesday for impeachment articles to be filed against Philadelphia’s top prosecutor. They blame him for the city’s spiraling crime problem.

The Judiciary Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to impeach Larry Krasner, the Democratic Philadelphia District Attorney. On Wednesday, a floor vote is expected to send the matter the the state Senate.

Two impeachment suggestions claim that Krasner’s leadership is a direct cause of increasing violent and property crime, and that he obstructed House work by failing to comply with a subpoena issued by the legislative committee that was investigating him.


At a press conference, Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney, addresses the South Street shooting. Pennsylvania Republicans want to impeach Krasner. They claim he is responsible for the increase in crime throughout the state. (FOX 29 Philadelphia)

After being elected to a progressive platform, many in the state GOP believe it allows criminals, Krasner has been scrutinized for Philadelphia’s crime woes.

He was re-elected easily last year. Fox News Digital reached out to Krasner’s office.

“His dereliction and disgraceful behavior are unacceptable and must be stopped,” stated State Rep. Martina White (primary sponsor of the resolution) and is the only Republican currently representing Philadelphia in House.

“Who supervises the Philadelphia district attorney?” White stated that we do — we can only take action to impeach him for the damage he did to our city.” White spoke before the vote.

Krasner’s Office released a statement in October defending his record.

“Criminologists understand what works to prevent crime. The statement stated that it is not about love for the NRA, opposition of reasonable gun regulations, or harsh sentences. It is investment in communities, fully-funded public schools, mental and addiction treatment resources and economic opportunity. Parents are kept in the community (not in prison) when they have not committed violent, non-serious offences. Modern police reform is also included.

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It will be passed by the House. Speaker Bryan Cutler is a Republican. He will need to appoint two Republicans to the Senate trial and one Democrat.

To remove Krasner, a two-thirds vote must be cast in the Senate.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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