My friend told me today that he is not a religious person. However, a lot of the current events in the world seem to me to be a diabolical.

“What does that mean?” I asked.


“Just that everything seems upside down. Bad is good, and good is bad. Everything is falling apart.”

I explained to him that “diabolic” derives its etymology from the Greek words for “to tear apart”. Deep confusion and the reverse of values, according to a traditional Christian perspective, are signs of the diabolic.

What should we make of the fact Pope Francis appointed two pro-abortionists as the Pontifical Academy For Life? This academy exists to promote Catholic Church teachings about life.

Mariana Mazzucato (pictured above), an economist who is also an atheist and supports abortion rights, was first. Sheila Tlou is next, who has advocated for universal access to abortion.

In 2016, Francis was named head of the Pontifical Academy For Lifeone archbishop Vincenzo Paglia. (pictured here with skullcap in a homoerotic mosaic he ordered for his former cathedral).


We shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. What was once down is now up and what was previously up is now gone. It was once possible to count on the Catholic Church being unapologetically prolife. This is no longer the case. This pope is not the one. It is clear why Cardinal Gerhard Muller (ex-Vatican doctrinal chief) stated this in an interview with Raymond Arroyo, October 7,

You were the head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. As you observe a system being built, all of the doctrine seems up for grabs, what must you think?

The word of God in revelation is the basis of the Church, not our bizarre reflections. … This [agenda] system of self-revelation is called the “agenda”. The hostile takeover of the Church of Jesus Christ by the Catholic Church is the occupation of the Catholic Church. … If you only look at one page or read one chapter of the Gospel, it will not have anything to do with Jesus Christ.

… They will succeed and it will end the Catholic Church. We must not succumb to it, just like the Arianism old heretics. Arias believed that God could do anything and God couldn’t do anything. It is irrationalism. Humans have the ability to discern truth from falsehood.

The Francis men in the major American papal appointments, including Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich, Newark’s Cardinal Tobin, and San Diego’s Cardinal McElroy, are all pro-gay.

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