Pete Buttigieg was the most sought-after surrogate by Democratic candidates in the midterms

Pete Buttigieg was the most sought-after surrogate by Democratic candidates in the midterms

According to CNN, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was the most sought-after surrogate by Democratic candidates in the midterms.

The article by senior reporter Edward Isaac Dovere identifies Buttigieg to be so popular that he gets more requests to stump on behalf of Democrats than Vice President Kamala Hari.

Dovere wrote that there is no precedent for a “relatively high-ranking Cabinet secretary to be so in demand.” Buttigieg, who has only been a mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has created a unique path, with a surprising strong entry into 2020 Democratic presidential primaries.

Dovere was told by multiple sources that Buttigieg is a “fresh face” who can speak clearly and eloquently. He also doesn’t attract the same Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, which CNN reported makes him the most sought-after surrogate for Democratic candidates in the midterms. He is not subject to the same scrutiny as the GOP operatives that monitor Harris’ appearances, and he does not have to travel with the large entourage or security apparatus that accompany the person in line for the presidency.

Dovere said that bringing in the veep to “[e]ven a few hours on-the ground can cost tens or thousands of dollars and cause traffic hold ups.” This is a budgetary and logistical headache for campaigns in November 8.

According to President Joe Biden’s decision regarding running for reelection, the spike in Buttigieg’s demand to join the Democrats on the campaign trail “may indicate” that the party is interested in a future presidential nominee.

Dovere met CNN Newsroom anchor Jim Acosta Sunday to talk about his reporting. Dovere noted that Biden and First lady Jill Biden were receiving a lot of requests for their reporting, while Buttigieg was receiving more.

Dovere stated that while it seems like people are eager to associate with a Democrat or a national celebrity, there is a bit of hesitation about bringing in the president/vice president.

Dovere said that Buttigieg was often sent by the Biden Administration to appear on Sunday shows because “there’s a feeling that he is more agile in front the cameras.”

Margaret Hoover and John Avlon were married as political commentators. They then met with Acosta to discuss Buttigieg’s rise as a key surrogate of the Democrats.

Avlon stated that the 2024 talk about Buttigieg is a result of him being “the most communicator right now on the Democratic bench” as well as someone who “represents generationsal change.” His reputation is one of being able to “come in and crisply present the Democrats’ best arguments.”

Hoover spoke of how former President Bill Clinton had campaigned at the DNC for Barack Obama and that “everybody laughed that he was the secretary to explaining things.”

Clinton is “just an exceptional communicator, Pete Buttigieg is also,” she said, adding that “nobody in the Democratic Party can encapsulate an topic, speak to an average voter and put it in plain talk. Complex issues can be made palatable and relateable to an argument that’s palatable and understandable. That is really hard to do.”

Hoover stated that communication is the most important aspect of politics. “You must be able communicate with voters if your goal is to be an effective representative. And that’s what Buttigieg does better than anyone else in this party.

“Including Biden,” Avlon interjected.

Hoover said, “- including the president right now.”

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Pete Buttigieg is the Most Requested Surrogate for Democratic Candidates, More Popular Than Kamala Harris: Report

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