Philadelphia Eagles player found not guilty of rape, abduction and rape

An Ohio grand jury found Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Joshua Sills not guilty of charges of rape and kidnapping, officials said.

Officials said that an Ohio grand jury found Philadelphia Eagles lineman Joshua Sills innocent of charges of kidnapping and rape.

Indictments were issued just days before this year’s Super Bowl on two counts of rape, one in the first-degree and the other in the second-degree. The charges stemmed from an incident that occurred in December. Court documents revealed that the incident occurred on January 5, 2019 in Guernsey County.

In a Friday statement, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost stated that he still believed the victim. In America, criminal convictions are only valid if there is proof beyond reasonable doubt. The jury didn’t see it and I thank them because they did their duty according to the law.

The Philadelphia Eagles released a statement confirming that the lineman would be returned to the active roster of the team following the ruling.

The statement stated that “the NFL has removed him (from the commissioner’s exemption list) and he will be returning to the active roster of the team.”

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