Phoenix police officers were shot by man as they were leaving a convenience store. This leads to violent arrest

Phoenix police officers were shot by man as they were leaving a convenience store. This leads to violent arrest
Two Phoenix police officers were shot at by a man moments after speaking with him outside a convenience store, authorities said

Phoenix police released video footage on Thursday of a man firing at officers from a patrol car just moments after speaking to them outside a convenience shop.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the incident took place on October 27th at a convenience store near 59th Avenue/Buckeye Road. Two officers were walking out of the store when a man approached them and began to talk to them.

Police said that the officers got in the car with the suspect and continued talking to him through the driver’s window. Surveillance footage showed the car backing out from a parking spot, when the suspect shooter pulled out a gun and fired a shot that hit the ground.


Authorities said that a man opened fire on Phoenix police officers while riding in a patrol car last month. (Phoenix Police Department).

The weapon was pointed at officers by the man, and fired another round, according to police. Police said that the second round hit the vehicle’s spotlight. Authorities said that the man ran to the store carrying the gun.

He is seen being chased by officers, who are holding their guns high and ordering him to be handcuffed. He kneels on the ground, his hands held high in the air.

The suspect is lying face-down on the ground and both officers seem to have struck him with their weapons.

One officer was heard saying “Stupid —,””. “What’s the f—ing problem?”

An officer responds, “I’m going blow your f—ing heads off,” a few moments later.

The man appears to be moving in pain as he lies down on the ground. One officer kicked him in the back. Before being taken to the hospital, the suspect was booked into jail.

Both officers were not injured. The one has been with the police force less than a month, while the other has been with the department for six years.

Phoenix police officers arrest a suspect accused of shooting at them just moments before. (Phoenix Police Department).

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The takedown was recorded by a clerk at a store, which was also released by authorities.

Authorities said that an administrative and criminal investigation is underway into the incident as well as the actions of the officers. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will review the findings.

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