Podcast Exclusive: Midterm Election Special, Volume Four

This election special report shows that if there is a quiet, large turnout of voters, which the pollsters don’t see, we will win. Conservative Republicans are slightly behind. They are wrong. But the point is that we must prove them wrong. With only three weeks to go, the goal is to sit down at the dinner table and with your spouse (if you have one), and ask yourself, “What can we do to win this election?” Look at states with strong Republican governors, such as Florida, South Dakota, Texas, or some other states. They either make the law or try to. Virginia is a young state with a governor elected. He doesn’t have enough Republicans. But they are doing their best. This election is all about focusing on the important issues and how you can help them. The Republican Party has a rich history. This is the truth about Republican Party. They were founded not under Jefferson but as an anti-slavery party in the 1850s. Because people are imperfect, the Republican party is imperfect. Today’s Republican party, especially on the Senate side is led by people who don’t have the guts to do so. They’ve been in Washington for decades and like the swamp. They just want to control it. They want to drink from the pot. This election is everything. It doesn’t mean anything. It is everything, because it must be won. It doesn’t mean anything if we lose it and don’t do what is necessary to get our country back.


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