Police in Pennsylvania say that a teenager was shot dead after hitting two soldiers with his vehicle.

An 18-year-old Pennsylvania man was fatally shot after allegedly hitting two state troopers with his car early Sunday morning, police said.

Police said that an 18-year old Pennsylvania man was shot to death after hitting two troopers in his car on Sunday morning.

In a press release, Pennsylvania State Police stated that the troopers were trying to contact Anthony Allegrini Jr. on Sunday when he “failed” to yield.

A news release states that Pennsylvania State Police troopers responded to Interstate 95 in Philadelphia near Penn’s Landing at 3:24 am on Sunday morning after receiving a complaint of “numerous pedestrians and vehicles illegally blocking roadway.” Multiple cars were racing, “drifting” and doing “burnouts.” Multiple pedestrians were also watching.

The police said that similar incidents were reported on Saturday night and they also received reports about shots being fired.

Allegrini Jr., was driving his car at the time troopers tried to contact him. According to the release, two troopers were struck by Allegrini Jr. when he failed to yield. The release states that one trooper fired his service pistol and struck Allegrini Jr.

The medics of the Philadelphia Fire Department pronounced the teen dead at the scene.

According to Pennsylvania Police, the troopers who were allegedly hit suffered minor injuries.

The highway was shut down so that officers could investigate. It reopened at around 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. NBC Philadelphia confirmed this.

The Pennsylvania State Police Department, along with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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