Police in Utah shoot multiple Utahns during a traffic stop. This could be tied to sovereign citizen movement

The Utah man shot several times by police officers on March 2 is potentially connected to the sovereign citizen movement, described by the FBI as believing they don't need to answer to government authority.

A Utah man was shot multiple times by officers during a traffic stop. This could be connected to the sovereign citizens movement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation describes these people as “sovereign” and do not have to answer to any government authority.

Chase Allan, 25, was stopped by officers from the Farmington, Utah police department on March 2. They noticed an illegitimate plate on his BMW that read “Notice private automobile not for rent.” The plate also contained the letters “ASN,” which stood for American State National.

Eric Johnsen, Chief of Police, stated in a statement to Fox News Digital That Allan refused to provide identification or cooperate in any way with the officer. After several refusals, Allan finally pulled out a passport. Officer who pulled Allan over asked for help, and four additional officers arrived.

Johnsen stated that after trying to persuade Allan to get out on his own, an officer opened the car’s door and tried to remove Allan.


Farmington, Utah police officers stopped Chase Allan, 25, after he noticed an illegitimate plate on his BMW. He was driving it at 3:22 p.m. March 1. Police Chief Eric Johnsen released video from a body camera relating to the incident Wednesday.

A separate officer shouted “gun! gun!” as Allan was being pulled out of his car by one officer. Multiple shots were fired at Allan, as evidenced by body camera video. Police claim that Allan was wearing a holster underneath his jacket. The “holster has flexibility” police said just before they began shooting. Allan was later pronounced dead at the local hospital by officers who helped him.

Neama Rahmani, a former Assistant U.S. attorney, has prosecuted cases involving sovereign citizen movement associates. She told Fox News Digital that Allan shows “all the telltale signs of being part” of the movement.

Rahmani pointed out his illegitimate plate and exchanged words with Allan. The 25-year old said, “If I want your identification, you will be forced, and you agree surety, trusteeship over it. And you will be responsible to any debts you are trying to inflict here.”

Allan responded to the officer’s request for backup, saying that Allan was being stopped because he didn’t have a registration. The officer asked for backup and four additional officers arrived on the scene.

Rahmani stated that “they believe that the federal government’s power is not legitimate” and that their only authority is due to people consenting or refusing to be bound by it. They basically opt in. They basically opt in.

The FBI states that people who are part of the sovereign citizen movement “clog the court system with frivolous lawsuits against public officials to harass them.” The FBI stated that those who subscribe to the movement believe they don’t need to answer to any government authority (taxing or courts included).


Allan wasn’t the first person to deal with law enforcement at his March 2 traffic stop.

Chase Allan was in court with his mother, who was facing a citation for driving while holding invalid license plates.

Allan is asked by the officer to get out of his car. He replies, “No, I’m not required to.” ” (Farmington Police Department

Officials claimed that a gun was found on the floor in the front seat of Allan’s car after he was shot.

Fox News Digital obtained audio from the courtroom. A bailiff can be heard entering and saying that they have a warrant for Chase Allan.

“What warrant? What evidence? Allan stated, “Prove probable cause.”

Chase Allan’s screams can be heard as he was taken into police custody. “This is treason!”

When Chase Allan was asked if there were any things the bailiffs could do to get Chase Allan to obey, he replied, “I’m not complying.”

Diane Allan calls 911 to report that someone is being assaulted in the courtroom.

Allan stated that “our rights are being violated” and that there had been an assault on Allan. “I am at the Davis County Justice Department, and I am being assaulted!” I need your help. They’ve been forcing me to do things that I don’t want.

Diane Allan was told by a bailiff that she would be taken into police custody if she did not hang up the phone. She then left the courtroom.

WATCH: Chase Allan is arrested by a bailiff in courtroom

Fox News Digital obtained a probable cause for Chase Allan’s Sept. 21st, 2022 courtroom arrest. It states that Allan “became disruptive, non-compliant” during the hearing and that he also “refused Davis County Court Deputies and started to resist officers.” Chase Allan also refused to identify himself multiple times according to the probable cause affidavit.

Chase Allan was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, interfering with an officer, disrupting a meeting, manufacture/possession of burglary tools, and failure to disclose identity. Under certain conditions, he was released from prison one day later.


Police observed that Allan’s bag was empty after he was taken from his car.

WATCH – Utah police shoot man in traffic stop after he is alleged to have reached for a gun

Similar exchanges were witnessed when Chase Allan was stopped on March 2.

Allan stated to the officer, “If you want me to identify you will be forced and you will accept surety over it and you will be responsible if you incur any debts here.”

Allan stated, “You are not allowed stop me,” before he handed his passport over.

Allan replied, “That’s not me,” when the officer reads the passport. It is just a piece of plastic.

“So, you have a fake passport?” The officer then asked Allan, and Allan replied, “No.”

The officer asked Allan to get out of his car and he responded, “No, I’m not required to.”

One officer stated, “If you don’t get out of your car, we’re going to smash the window and pull you out.”

Allan replies to the officer, “We’re going have an issue.”

Rahmani stated that people in the sovereign nation movement feel “that if they don’t object, then somehow they might be swept up into a larger system.”

Allan’s relatives stated in a statement to Fox News Digital, that Chase’s death was a “brutal killing,” and that they were not notified by authorities but learned of his passing from local media reports

Rahmani stated that they are constantly shouting and pushing back in court, and that the police officers resist any federal authority.

According to Allan’s family, Chase’s death was a “brutal murder” according to Fox News Digital. They also stated that they were not informed of Chase’s passing by officials and that they only learned about his death. from local media reports.

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“Police are obstructing us. Chase has not been allowed to see our family and we have not been contacted either by the authorities or the justice departments for any information regarding this investigation. Chase lived with his parents in Farmington. Chase’s death was not properly reported to our family as the next of kin. The family stated that Chase’s death was discovered by News Reporters and Articles online.

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