Police raid home and arrest ex-Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in court Saturday as police entered his home and after he expressed fear of arrest in a standoff with the government that has led to intense clashes with his supporters.

After he indicated fear of being arrested in a standoff that erupted with the government and led to violent clashes between his supporters, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Ka Khan appeared before the court.

Khan, who was facing a series of legal challenges including one that led to a failed effort to arrest him on Tuesday in Islamabad, was addressing charges of illegally selling state gifts to foreign dignitaries during his time in office.

The former cricket legend, who lives in Lahore told Reuters hours earlier that he had formed a committee to manage his party in case he was arrested.

After his ouster from power last January, he led nationwide demonstrations and was the subject of a number of criminal cases. On Tuesday, he was not arrested by the police.

After Khan had entered Islamabad’s court, police entered Khan’s home. Khan’s supporters and police clashed earlier in the week during Khan’s arrest attempt.

February 15, 2023 00:46

Khan was wounded and shot while campaigning in November . He stated in an interview that the threat to him life is greater than ever and claimed — without providing any evidence — that his political enemies and the military want to prevent him from running in the electionslater in the year.

Both the military and government didn’t immediately respond to our requests for comment.

Khan, who is 70 years old, arrived at the court complex in a convoy surrounded by supporters. Security was tight.

Khan was previously arrested by the court for failing to appear at previous hearings despite being summoned.

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