Police say a Florida woman who was shoplifting caused her car to burst into fire with two children inside.

A Florida woman left two children in a car that burst into flames while she was shoplifting inside a retail store, police said.

Police said that a Florida woman had been shoplifting in a retail store, when she left her two children unattended inside a vehicle which burst into fire.

Alicia Moore, a 24-year-old Orlando resident, has been charged with aggravated neglect of a child and arson. FOX Orlando reports.


Police in Orlando, Florida said that a car with two children inside caught fire as its owner shoplifted inside a department store. (City Of Orlando)

Authorities said that on May 26, Moore left two children in her car who “could not care for themselves”.

Police said that she then entered the store with a male companion and started shoplifting.

Moore’s vehicle was engulfed by flames after she left the store. The news report stated that she dropped the items just before leaving the shop.

Alicia Moore, 24 is charged with arson for causing her car to catch fire in a store while she was shoppinglifting. (City Of Orlando)

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The car caught fire and the children were rescued by witnesses.

One child sustained first-degree burns on her face and ear.

The authorities are unsure what caused the fire.

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