Poll: Majority Dems say Biden is ‘too old’ to serve another term

A new survey from the Associated Press finds a vast majority of the American public -including Democrats- believe Joe Biden is too old to serve another term in the White House.

According to a new survey by the Associated Press, a majority of Americans – including Democrats – believe that Joe Biden is far too old to continue in the White House for another term.

According to a poll, 77% Americans believe that Biden’s old age will be a problem in the general election of 2024.

This figure increases to 89% among Republicans and 69% among Democrats.

“Around three-quarters think Joe Biden’s age is too advanced for him to be President of the United States.” Republicans are more inclined to believe this, but most Democrats also do. Only about half of adults think that Donald Trump, who is three years younger than Biden is too old to serve another term. The AP reports that while a majority of Democrats believe Trump is too young, fewer Republicans agree.

A majority also supports age limits for Supreme Court justices, members in Congress, and future presidential candidates.

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