POND BRINGS RECEIPTS: ‘It’s Ok for Democrats to Issue Elections But Not Republicans? A fresh T. ‘

Kari Lake, Arizona GOP gubernatorial Candidat, has been incredibly glowing up the media lately for lazy reporting biases and left-leaning biases. But this is a whole new level for Lake.

Lake was answering questions from the media about her stance regarding the 2020/2016 elections, and election denial in general. She then turned the tables and asked reporters about past Democratic election results.

It’s amazing!

“So, it’s fine for Democrats to question election results. It’s not OK for Republicans. It’s a waste of time and a bunch of B.S. Every one of you know it. We are proud of our freedom to speak and will not give it up to the fake media. It’s been going on for years. People have been questioning the legitimacy of our elections since 2000.”

“When I am governor, we’re going make sure that we have honest elections ….we desire fair, transparent, and honest elections.”

See the video above.

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