POND OF FIRE: Watch Kari Pond TORCH ‘Basement Hobbs’ regarding Ducking Debate, ‘the Joe biden Playbook’

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake stopped by Fox & Friends for a discussion about the difficulties she had getting opponent Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs onto the debate stage. Lake calls her “basement Hobbs.”

Lake said to Ainsley Earhardt, “She can’t even string two words together.”

“She was asked a softball query a few weeks back. Name one positive thing about the Latino community. She spent the whole time …. trying to find one positive thing about the Latino community. She knows why she won’t debate . If she showed up, it would be like a birthday cake instead of a chainsaw.

“Lake claimed that Hobbs is taking a page from Biden’s book by not engaging in debates and failing draw large crowds to her public events. According to Fox News, Lake is leading in recent polls. However, the ex-local news anchor believes that the race is clearly in her favor.” Fox News reports.

Lake stated, “We attracted 3,500 people to a rally as well as a concert on Saturday night.”

“Conversely, my opponent held her largest campaign event of the season with 15 people. These polls aren’t close. … There is a movement underway and it will not be stopped.”

See the video above.

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