Practices in lacrosse are disrupted after an alligator invades the Florida high school’s field

An alligator interrupted lacrosse practice at a Florida school in an incident that the team had fun with and posted on social media along with a popular Aerosmith song.

An alligator was seen walking along the playfield at a high school in Tampa, Florida. This interrupted lacrosse practice.

The alligator is seen moving across the field as the Alonso High School lacrosse teams wait for it to leave, Fox35 Orlando reported.

Background music was added by Aerosmith to the 1970s hit song “Walk This Way”.

As the reptile moves at a leisurely pace across the field, over a dozen people can be seen standing in a group of twelve at a safe distance.


A alligator interrupts lacrosse practice in a Tampa, Florida high school. Eric Klaus at Alonso High School.

“First, a Fish falls from the sky, and now a Gator visits — it looks like it’s about time for a new Team Award!” The team was posted on Twitter.

“[The]gator was totally relaxed and casually strolled through the field, sometimes stopping to just lay down, chill out a bit,” Eric Klaus (team’s coach), told Newsweek.


img alt=”An Alligator lies on Florida’s grass.” src=”″/>

An alligator rests upon grass in Florida. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images).

Klaus said, “We immediately called our principal and asked him his gator wrestling skills because we could use some assistance.”

Klaus stated that the 6.5-foot alligator visited the highschool grounds for approximately 40 minutes before moving on to something else. It then left the property through a hole in a fence.

Alonso High School is not unfamiliar with alligators when athletic teams are practicing. This was evident by an incident in April 2021, when WTSP-TV reported on how a four-legged creature interrupted track and field practices.

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Louis R. Diaz Athletic Complex, Alonso High School in Tampa Florida. Google Maps

“Yeah so this interrupted practice,” Team posted on Twitter along with a photo of the alligator. “Casually walked across our path. There was no care in the world. The Raven athletes, whose track speed was never higher than it is today, are not visible in the photo.

A 10-foot alligator attacked a Florida elderly woman while she was walking her dog in St. Lucie.

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