Pragmatic House Republicans support debt deal, Dusty Johnson says

The South Dakota Republican called the deal "a remarkable conservative accomplishment."

Rep. Dusty Johnson, on Sunday, downplayed the initial conservative opposition to a debt ceiling agreement announced late Saturday. He said that only “the most colorful” conservatives were against the deal.

Johnson (R-S.D. ), speaking to Jake Tapper, CNN’s host of “State of the Union,” said that the voices heard immediately after the announcement of the deal were those who were least inclined to support it. Johnson (R-S.D.) said that the voices heard right after the announcement of the deal were the ones who were least inclined to support it. This was in contrast to the more pragmatic House Republican caucus members.

Tapper quoted Reps. Ralph Norman, Ken Buck and Bob Good (R Virginia) as they attacked the deal. Johnson claimed that Good was not going to support the deal.

Johnson told Good that it didn’t matter whether Mother Teresa had come back from the grave and called him. He was sure the deal would pass.

Johnson, speaking in support of the deal to raise the debt limit for two years by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, said that President Joe Biden had not made any concessions. He called it “a remarkable conservatism accomplishment.” Johnson praised the efforts to “unlock American Energy” by making it simpler to get energy projects approval.

He said: “Whether you prefer renewable energy or conventional energy, this will help unlock that power.”

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