President of University of Idaho says the shocking murder of four university students is beyond comprehension

University of Idaho President Scott Green mourned the loss of four students Wednesday, who were killed in their home near the school over the weekend just before Thanksgiving.

President of the University of Idaho, Mark Hensley, mourned Wednesday’s loss of four students who were killed in their home close to the school.

President Scott Green was joined Wednesday afternoon by Dean of Students Blaine Eccles and Provost Tory Lawrence during a press conference. They shared details about the quadruple homicides of Ethan Chapin (20); Xana Kernodle (20); Madison Mogen (21); and Kaylee Goncalves (21).

“This crime and the loss these young lives are just beyond comprehension. These are not isolated incidents in our small community. Green stated that this is not something our small campus is used to dealing in.

Split photo of the crime scene and victims. This includes University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin (20); Xana Kernodle (20); Madison Mogen (21); and Kaylee Gonnalves (21). (Angela Palermo/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images/Instagram/ @kayleegoncalves)

The school administrator stated, “First, my deepest sympathies to the families of Ethan Kaylie, Zina, and Madison.” “Their loss is devastating. They were bright lights in our community. We will miss them deeply and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


Green stated that the school cooperates fully with Moscow police when asked and is constantly pressed for information whenever it’s possible.

The same presser from police stated that there was “possibly still a threat” to Moscow’s community. However, no suspects or persons of interest were taken into custody Wednesday evening.

Moscow Police Department Chief James Fry stated that there was no suspect and could not say if there is a threat to the community.

Scott Green, University of Idaho President, speaks at a conference on Wednesday 16 November 2022. (Fox News)

Green said that “we just want justice for those victims,” and he added more later.


President of University of Idaho, John McClure, stated that the school’s primary focus is to support students and employees as they navigate the coming weeks and tackle any additional information.

As we enter Thanksgiving break, we encourage students and employees alike to take care of their health. He said that he wanted to praise the faculty and staff who were on the frontlines helping students, whether it was providing support or counseling.

“The weeks ahead will be challenging as we learn more about the crime and its circumstances. Green said that we will all support one another as we grieve, and we’ll work together to get through it.

The majority of students from the university had returned home by the time the murders occurred.

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The police are still investigating the murders of four people and have not provided any details about what might have happened Sunday at Wednesday’s press conference.

Officials stated that there was no evidence of forced entry and that four victims were fatally wounded by knives. However, no weapon was found at the scene.

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