Pro-Trump demonstrators gather outside Mike Pence’s town hall.

The former vice president's role on Jan. 6 has been thrust back into the spotlight following the election charges against former President Donald Trump.

The indictment on Tuesday of former president Donald Trump has brought Pence’s role at the Jan. 6 riots, when some chanters chanted ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ back into focus. Federal prosecutors stated in that document that Pence had taken “contemporaneous” notes about the meetings and conversations with Trump prior to Jan. 6.

Indictment said the president, along with a co-conspirator known as lawyer John Eastman, asked Pence on Jan. 6, to use his power as the President of the Senate to either reject or send back certain state electors to their respective state legislatures.

Mary Bartel, a Windham town hall participant on Friday, asked Pence to explain why he did not agree with the plan. Pence told other skeptical voters as he had done before that he didn’t have the authority overturn the results.

He told her also to write and search “Article Two Section One Clause Three” in the Constitution.

She replied, “I will.”

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