Record: Death of Republican activist in New Hampshire is ruled as a crime

The suspicious death of Republican activist and lawyer Alexander Talcott is being investigated as a homicide after it was determined the cause of death was a stab wound.

Investigations are underway to determine if the death of a Republican activist and attorney in his New Hampshire house is homicide.

According to a New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office press release, a medical examiner has ruled that Alexander Talcott ‘s death was a homicide. He died of a neck stab.

Talcott, who was discovered dead at his Durham residence Saturday morning by police who were then investigating a suspicious death, was identified as the victim. The next day Talcott was confirmed as the victim, and the AG’s press release stated that they had identified all those involved in the incident. They were also continuing their investigation. The release stated that authorities were trying to determine if the person who stabbed Talcott acted in self-defense as part of the investigation.

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Alexander Talcott. (Facebook)

Names of other individuals involved are not yet available. The Durham Police Department forwarded a Fox News comment request to the New Hampshire Attorney’s Office, who then referred to the release.

Talcott was a well known lawyer and Republican activists. The state director of New Hampshire’s chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association told NBC10 Boston that he was a “stout advocate for the core Republican values.”

Alexander Talcott. (Facebook)

“His unwavering faith in liberty, the free market, and limited government resonated in in his role as an attorney . William O’Brien, NBC10 Boston, said that his leadership in the RNLA was unwavering. He promoted our shared values and ensured every member felt empowered.

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Durham Police found GOP activist Alexander Talcott dead at his home on Saturday.

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“Alex was a skilled champion of the rule of Law and the importance of fair and honest election. O’Brien added, “We will always honor Alex’s dedication to liberty and his profound contribution to the legal process.” His legacy will inspire future generations in the RNLA as well as the wider legal community.

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