Record: Half of Pennsylvania Vote-by-Mail Paquet Cast Before Fetterman’s Terrible Debate

About half of Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail ballots had been cast by Tuesday night’s U.S. Senate Debate. This debate was deemed a failure even by Democrats, and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D), who was recovering from a stroke had trouble forming coherent sentences.

Fetterman wanted to avoid a debate and his campaign has limited his public appearances. Democrats tried to delay the debate so that ballots could be sent by mail. Democrats are more likely than Republicans to use this method, and would have more votes.

However, 82% of viewers thought Dr. Mehmet Oz was the winner of the debate. It is possible that some Democrats would make a different decision today.

The Wall Street Journal wrote Tuesday in an editorial that the outcome of the debate may not be important due to the timing and vote by-mail.

Tuesday night saw Pennsylvania voters finally get a debate between the two candidates for their Senate seats, Democrat John Fetterman (Republican Mehmet Oz). Because Mr. Fetterman is still recuperating from a stroke and needed closed captions to understand the questions, he used closed captions. If he is able to address any concerns, voters can vote.

According to the U.S., however, nearly half of all Pennsylvania mail ballots have been returned and cast. Elections Project. Two weeks prior to what was once called Election Day, officials had received 635 428 mail votes from the 1,310,189 voters requested. That’s 48%. The true number is probably higher due to the delay between the mailbox of a voter and the local election office.

While most people still vote on Election Day every year, the data isn’t very encouraging. In Pennsylvania’s 2018 Senate race, five million voters voted. If the final turnout is similar this year, roughly 10% of the vote could have already been cast for Mr. Fetterman and Mr. Oz before the public has even had a chance to watch them on TV.

Similar concerns have been raised in other states where first debates take place after early voting and vote by mail.

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