Report claims that a California judge was robbed outside the Oakland courthouse of his Rolex watch

Oakland's rising robberies have reportedly left a county judge without his Rolex watch after an encounter with three men near the courthouse Thursday.

A local report says that a group men stole the Rolex watch of an Alameda County Superior Court Judge just a few blocks away from Oakland’s courthouse on Thursday.

Two days earlier, hundreds of Bay Area residents had gathered to protest what they deemed a deterioration in public safety.

According to The Berkeley Scanner, the young men were believed to be aged between 18 and 22, and they were traveling in a light colored Hyundai. They accosted a judge only a few blocks from the main courthouse of the city.

Oakland Police referred all comments to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Office spokespersons did not immediately respond to calls for comment.


The Alameda County Superior Court is located in Oakland, CA. The Rolex wristwatch of a county judge who was reportedly robbed nearby on Thursday morning (iStock).

Oakland Police statistics indicate a slight rise in robberies from 2023 to the end of April. This year there were 964 robberies, up from 943 in the previous year. According to police statistics, the number of strong-arm robberies has increased by 35% during that time span.

On Tuesday, more than 500 residents attended a meeting between city officials and top police officers to voice their concerns regarding public safety.

According to KTVU FOX 2, , a resident named Denise Lillian told KTVU FOX that she had been “totally traumatized,” after an attack outside her home occurred on Monday.

She said, “Two children beat me up in front of my home.”

She said that they knocked her down, punched, kicked, and dragged across the street.

She added, “It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.”

Members of the audience in Oakland slammed local leaders for failing to enforce law in their communities.

According to Oakland Police, earlier this month the city experienced 100 robberies within a week. Of those, 50 occurred over a weekend.

How can we feel secure when judges, Marines, and former Senators feel unsafe walking the streets of California? Jessica Millan Patterson of the California GOP asked this question in reference to the assault and robbery that took place on former Senator Barbara Boxer’s Oakland home in 2021.

Just across San Francisco Bay from the former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her husband was fractured in the skull with a hammer last year during an attack on a house.

Robberies like carjackings were committed, as well as shootings and assaults.

CALIFORNIA DA who floated keeping GANG MEMBERS Accused of killing toddler out of jail faces a recall backlash

“Oakland has, like many other Democrat-run large cities, fallen into a lawless state,” California Assemblyman Bill Essayli (a Corona Republican) told Fox News Digital. “Crimes and violence are out of control, and the political leadership is unwilling to address this criminal crisis.”

Alameda County district attorney Pamela Price, and Los Angeles County district attorney George Gascon. (Pamela Price/Instagram).

Essayli is a former federal prosecutor and deputy district attorney who blamed California’s lenient reforms in criminal justice. These include Propositions 47, 57 and AB 109 which lowered the number of state prisoners and reduced the amount inmates.

Pamela Price, the progressive district attorney of Alameda County, has also come under fire because of her policies. These include a softening of punishments for violent crimes suspects, and calling for an rally against a local television news station.

She told leaders in April that she was researching ways to punish the gang members involved in the death by stray bullets of Jasper Wu, a toddler.


Authorities say that Jasper, who was sleeping in a car while his parents were driving down I-880, opened fire from two separate cars on rival San Francisco gangs on November 6, 2021.

In April, a gang-related shooting left five year old Eliyanah Crisostomo dead in the backseat her family’s car.

James Gallagher is the Republican leader of California’s State Assembly. He has taken issue with Price’s party and its policy priorities.

He said, “Alameda County’s woke DA made a career out of putting criminals before law. This is the result.” “Each time Democrats lessen the consequences for violent criminals they send out a message saying it’s okay to victimize others. “We need to stop enabling criminals and start holding them accountable.”

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Fox News Greg Wehner, The Associated Press and The Associated Press all contributed to the report.

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